Lamacs Inc. Custom Embroidery has been selling the Original Bump Hat Insert for over 40 years.  The bump hat insert was created as a solution for the auto industry.  In the beginning years, Lamacs Inc. Custom Embroidery provided coveralls for a majority of the automakers.  The automakers came to Lamacs Inc. with a problem; their drivers were hitting their heads too often while unloading their trucks.  At this time, Lamacs realized that there was a need for head protection where hard hats were not required, thus creating the Original Bump Hat Insert.


This bump cap insert is ideal in many different situations such as unloading a truck, working pest control, meter reading, food/beverage processing, meat packing, auto repair, and even on the golf course. The Inserts unique design provides cooling ventilation and fits inside most standard baseball hats. The Original Bump Hat Insert is made in Michigan and with US materials.